In 2016 and 2017, C Lo has monopolized the three gold medals in the three gold medals, the Golden Globe, the World Soccer and the UEFA best player. Although nearly 33 years old, but the Portuguese are still at the peak, he is Real Madrid Champions League this year, La Liga, the Spanish Super Cup, the European Super Bowl and the Club World Cup absolute hero.

However, C Lo is not happy at Real Madrid, because his annual salary is not satisfactory, C Lo's annual salary is 23.6 million euros, below Macy's 50 million euros and Neymar 36 million euros. Prior to the World Cup final, C Lo talked about the topic of FIFA Coins retiring in Real Madrid, he said, depending on the club, the implication is that Real Madrid hope to renew the contract. In fact, since last January, C Lo desire to get more attention to the club, he also eager to get a big contract, but Real Madrid is not willing to give.