Crusher plant also has many families, have been widely used in the production, application advantage of jaw crusher equipment is huge, upgrading of equipment also along with the progress of the society is staged continuously, but jaw crusher again good for a long time in the production process, there will inevitably be a transmission blocking phenomenon, followed by the crushing machinery company to teach you how to solve the jaw crusher blockage problem.

To solve the phenomenon of clogging jaw crusher, crushing machine must first clear cause blockage, jaw crusher common jam is the main problem of feeding and discharging, the first plug feed appeared. The feed speed is too fast and the blocking of the equipment is the most common cause.

Once when the speed is too fast will feed makes the jaw crusher load becomes larger, the transmission equipment will be blocked wish such a gambling game can through the operation process of electrical flow becomes big show, if the operator found process equipment running with variable flow of electrical, timely adjustment of feed quantity, so as to ensure the jaw crusher equipment can smooth running.