Rotary type efficient energy-saving drying machine is a main equipment of mineral processing equipment in the present, it is mainly used for granular material dries certain humidity and size range, it is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, gypsum ore industry drying slag, clay and other materials. The machine is mainly composed of a rotary body, lifting plate, driving device, supporting device and a sealing ring and other components.

With reasonable structure, well made, high output, low energy consumption, easy operation etc.. Such as dry mortar industry by sand, foundry industry with the various specifications of sand, gypsum ore building materials industry with the blast furnace slag, the granularity of clay, the chemical industry for no small particles in chemical change, high temperature and dust. According to the different industries on the dried materials with water requirement, the equipment after drying the moisture content of up to 1-0.

The product characteristics: 1, equipment investment is required to imported products 1/6. 2, the material with moisture to ensure 0. 5% the following, is dry mixed mortar and gypsum ore powder production line product of choice. 3, cylinder self thermal insulation thermal efficiency as high as 70% or more , heat efficiency is increased by 35%. 4, fuel, oil, and gas for coal.