As the mill with the precision of the various parts, good lubrication, you can make it to maintain normal working space; the right working temperature, reduce wear and tear parts to reduce the number of failures. Reasonable lubrication can effectively reduce the wear of the mill, so, according to the type of ultrafine mill and application of different structures, choose a reasonable lubricant, and replace the lubricant mill more appropriate time interval is one week To about half a month.
Reasonable lubrication to improve production efficiency is also very helpful in the operation, pay attention to feeding problems, feeding should be uniform, and must prevent the emergence of impurities, especially the particularly hard impurities, their access to machinery and equipment have Great damage.
In working conditions, if the ultrafine mill is found to be extremely vibratory, tightening and other means can be used to reduce the effects of vibrations. In the issue of the material, the material is uneven for two main reasons: the material into the mill is too high or the temperature inside the mill is too high. But all can be adjusted in a proper way to reduce the impact of each occurrence.