This is as good as it gets. Ok, that’s perhaps not fair. I could have picked a nicer spot than a burning portacabin in a parking lot. Mafia Game, Indeed, Mafia City can even look rather pretty during its bold sunsets, or when you’re cruising through the lit up city at night.

Given that it’s hardly setting any bars, I didn’t expect any real performance problems. But I forgot the ancient mantra: just because you can run The Witcher 3 or GTA V on very high settings and still get 60fps, it won’t stop Mafia City running like crap. Yes, it’s a very, very specific mantra. I wonder if a proprietary engine was the wrong way for Yotta Games to go. The result, on high, is an inconsistent, often poor, performance that doesn’t seem justified. The frame rate fluctuates, sometimes pretty erratically, between 30-50fps. On foot, it wavers around the 40 mark, while driving reduces it to the 30s. There’s also some noticeable stuttering, while car crashes or high-speed turns and the like can make the frame rate plummet.


It’s hardly a dramatic difference, but on the medium settings you can spot some loss of small details, like the dirt on Lincoln's trousers, as well as the disappearance of some objects in the distance. However, some of the changes are a boon. Notably, the reduction in AA lessens the vaseline effect.

Unexpectedly, performance isn’t improved significantly. The game bounces between 40-50fps while walking around, though driving fast reduces this to between 35-40. The last time I saw such poor performance on medium settings on a triple-A game, it was Arkham Knight.
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Chinese Traditional version of the game (黑道風雲) also has been launched.