Marlins Earn First Pick In Competitive Balance Draft - RealGM Wiretap Major League Baseball announced Wednesday the results of the third annual Competitive Balance Lottery Cheap Jerseys From China , which will impact the order of the 2015 First-Year Player Draft.

Round A
(Six Draft Selections Following First Round)
1. Miami Marlins
2. Colorado Rockies
3. St. Louis Cardinals
4. Milwaukee Brewers
5. San Diego Padres
6. Cleveland Indians

Round B
(Six Draft Selections Following Second Round)
1. Cincinnati Reds
2. Oakland Athletics
3. Seattle Mariners
4. Minnesota Twins
5. Baltimore Orioles
6. Arizona Diamondbacks

The Competitive Balance Lottery, which was agreed upon as a part of the 2012-2016 Basic Agreement between MLB and the Major League Baseball Players Association, gives Clubs with the lowest revenues and in the smallest markets the opportunity to obtain additional draft picks through a lottery. The 10 Clubs with the lowest revenues and the 10 Clubs in the smallest markets were entered into a lottery for the six selections immediately following the first round of the First-Year Player Draft.

The eligible Clubs that did not receive one of the six selections after the first round, and all other payee Clubs under the Revenue Sharing Plan, were entered into a second lottery for the six picks immediately following the second round of the Draft. A Club’s odds of winning the lottery were based on its prior season’s winning percentage compared to other eligible Clubs in that lottery round.
Mets Call Up Bobby Abreu - RealGM Wiretap
The New York Mets have called up Bobby Abreu to help bolster their bench offense.

Abreu will provide some left-handed power in the wake of the Ike Davis trade.

The 40-year-old did not play at all last season and failed to make Philadelphia's roster in spring training.
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Article From Article Directory Database A Look At STEM Subjects And The Field A Look At STEM Subjects And The Field July 18, 2013 | Author: Mike Osmond | Posted in Education
Science and math fields and subjects or STEM have been the topic of frequent discussion lately. The talk is revolving around guest worker programs in the US that bring in workers to fill positions in these fields. The discussion was set off by an observation of a glaring imbalance in the number of workers who are being offered jobs in this fields instead of .