The start of the game, Anthony and Paul - George Thunder NBA Live Coins attack as the main attack, but unfortunately, they feel very bad today, especially Anthony, in the first quarter 3 consecutive 3-point shot did not hit, only hit A note in the distance, and Paul - George 3 vote 1, also only got 2 points. The second quarter, Anthony finally eased, he threw a 3-point record in the corner, but only 1 of 4 shots, and even free throws can not guarantee full hit.

Compared to Anthony, Paul - George even worse, he shot in the second quarter all blacksmith, the first half only got 2 points, the third quarter, Paul - George feel very poor, he only through a jumper And free throws scored 4 points, three is almost over when the end of 9 vote 2 to get only 6 points, while Anthony is the third quarter of 0 0, despite the Wei less hard support, but the Thunder still can not narrow the points difference.

The beginning of the fourth quarter competition, Paul - George conversion play, he forced a NBA Live Mobile Account breakthrough break points will be narrowed, and then he once again reached the paint inside the basket layup! After that, George actively pursued and gave the Timberwolves a chase! There are 5 minutes and 03 seconds of the game, George corner and then 3 points, the points difference narrowed to 10 points! The last moment, the Thunder once again sent Anthony grab points, he played after the opportunity to vote out of 3 points, but again the blacksmith, then he voted 3 points, but too late, the Thunder eventually lost the game.