According to the "Detroit Free Press" reported that former NBA Live Coins Pistons Defender Spencer - Ding Weidi now play well in the Nets, tomorrow, Ding Weidi will play against his old club piston.

After finishing the team's training today, Pistons coach Steven Van Gundy talked about Ding Weidi.

He said: "I'm happy for him, we let him go, and then the Bulls let him go, in the NBA, this kind of thing is common, many players have been abandoned several times, we made a mistake? Bulls Did you make a mistake? Did the layoff change his attitude toward the game? There is no answer to this, but since then, a lot of things have transpired.

The 24-year-old Ding Weidi was selected at the 2014 NBA Draft by the second round. During the Pistons' two seasons, Ding Weidi occasional flash performance, but few opportunities. Subsequently, he was traded to the Bulls in exchange for the big man Cameron - Berstorff, which was immediately cut.

Last season, the Nets signed Ding Weidi, he played well. In a match on NBA Live Mobile Account March 22 last year, facing the old man, Ding Weidi revenge, ruined the Pistons hope of the playoffs, he scored 10 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists, helping the team beat 98-96 Pistons.