First let me introduce my self I’m Shiva from chennai married age 27 my height 178cms weight 76kgs and my tool 6.5inches black. I started to watch sex movies from class 8std and searching for an opportunity to fuck someone finally ended up my search with my computer science teacher her name is Padma miss age 26 size 34-30-32 married.

This happened in the year 2006 when I was in the 12th I use to be very naughty in the school days and use to have double meaning joke sharing with our friends when the teachers are taking class.

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On one such occasion our computer teacher padma miss caught us making jokes about her. She said like we should press enter button to enter system in tamil for that I jokingly said by seeing her boobs I know very well to press but I didn’t get any opportunity to miss (naa naala amukuva miss pakkarigala ) she caught me staring at boob and understood my intention. She stopped taking class and when to the staff room I was very much afraid whether she might complaint to the principal. Thank God she didn’t so any such things, after 5 min she came to the class and continued she left the class starting at me after the bell rang.

After this incident I just kept quiet at her class and didn’t talk much for next 1 week. Next week I had a practical exam in which I didn’t perform well so she asked me to meet after the practical exam gets over so in the afternoon I when to meet her in the lab.

When I entered the lab Padma miss was sitting alone since it was half saturday other teachers have left she saw me and called me in and asked what difficulties do I have In the practical why I didn’t perform well. I said I didn’t prepare well for the exam that’s why i didnt do well then she said me prepare well and to attend the practical again tomorrow at her home at 11am.

Hindi Sex Stories, India Sex, India Porn, Desi Sex

Sunday morning I searched for her house and reached at 11’o clock in the morning, I rang the bell she came and opened the door in the nighty and welcomed me inside and asked me sit on sofa in the hall gave me water .she said since it was a Sunday just now she woke up from the bed and her parents have gone early morning to visit temple and will be returning in the evening and then I asked about her husband she said he is working abroad and use to visit her once in a year.

Then Padma miss took me to her room where the system was kept and asked whether I was prepared today. I said yes and started to type the programme then in the middle she said me to keep doing the practicals she will take bath within 10min and return.

After she went to bathroom I was continuing my work. since her bathroom was attached in her room itself I can clearly able to hear the water sound and I tried to see her if there is any possibility but I didn’t get any chance to see her. My brother was growing in size by thinking that I’m alone in the house with my miss Padma.

Then she came out of the bathroom only wear bra and towel I was not able to resist myself from seeing her so I was having a eye on her and doing something in the computer then she was searching for clothes in the cup board finally selected a chudi.

Hindi Sex Stories, India Sex, India Porn, Desi Sex

Suddenly she dropped the towel in front of me, to wear the dress I was just staring at her white colour skin from top to bottom she was casually talking with me and wearing the dresses then she came and sat near me asking whether I have finish the practical program for that I said almost completed miss. Padma miss sat near me to check what I have done in the system suddenly she noticed my bulge from my pant easily because on that day I was wearing track pant so I was not able to adjust or hide my tool.

Padma miss suddenly kept her hand on my bulge and rubbed my penis it started to increase my brother size, she was slowing rubbing my penis in to and fro motion I was moaning in pleasure and was not able to control myself. She took me to her bed make me lie and she removed her dress one by one now she was standing naked in front of me.

Now she come over me and hugged hard I was straggling to breathe because of her high pressure then she removed my shirt my jatti and my pant make me nude, she started to rub her nude body with mine since this was the first time I was not able to do anything I just lied naked she was doing.

After sometime she said that it was almost 1 year when she fucked last time and she asked in tamil(Shiva naama okalama unnaku enna pudichi iruka) Shiva shall we fuck do you like? Just raised my face to kiss her and said I always I love u miss then took my pool(penis) in her hand shakes well to make it hard then she inserted my pool in her kuthi and stared to fuck me hard i was enjoying and pressing her boobs hard she was shaking her hip very fast I kept my hands on her butt and helping to fuck harder until she reached climax then she fell me and said that I’m over now its your turn to fuck.

Hindi Sex Stories, India Sex, India Porn, Desi Sex

Now I came on top of Padma miss and miss took my penis to rub her pussy skin she was rubbing hard and finally she put my penis inside her kuthi asked me to fuck hard. I fucked my miss as fast as I could and she was shouting in pleasure like haaaaa… Qaqaaa. Fuck me shive a….. Yessss. Harderrr …. Shiva you are my husband from now…. Aaaa … Fuck mee…. Finally i came on her face.

On the same day we fucked 3 times before her parents came and then before leaving her she called me to Pooja room and asked me to marry her. She removed her thali (mangal suthra) and gave to me and I put it on her and she fell in my legs saying you are my husband from now on…. We continued our relationship for next 1 year till she also went abroad.

Hindi Sex Stories, India Sex, India Porn, Desi Sex

This is my first real sex experience after that I had many till now I’ll write down one by one. Kindly send your valuable feedback

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