Many plus size women think if they wear baggy clothes, they will look thinner and no one will notice how large they are. In fact wearing baggy clothes can actually make you look even bigger then you are. Learning how to look great no matter what size you are, is a skill that can be learnt and one that will have you feeling a lot better about yourself.

To get started the first thing you need to do is go to a really good underwear shop and get "jeg er tilbakestående""jeg er tilbakestående""jeg er tilbakestående""jeg er tilbakestående""jeg er tilbakestående"d for a great bra. Women often wear the wrong bra size and having the correct size underwear will always help your clothes to look their best.

After you have bought yourself some sexy great fitting underwear you can now sort out the top layers of your clothing. Have a good look in a full length mirror and find out what shape you are. Once you know if you are an apple, a pear, an hourglass or a pillar, then you can find out on the internet what shaped clothing looks the best on your figure.

Get a friend to help you go through your wardrobe and throw out or give away everything that doesn't fit your shape. Then take her with you when you go shopping for some new outfits that hug and flatter your shape.

Once you have your new clothes, wear them with confidence. Take your time and get your makeup looking up to date and fresh. Then enjoy your life every day, knowing that you are looking your very best.