have excellent water resistance and corrosion resistance, high hardness, heat Variable buckling, but with thick or porous hollow structure effect. Disadvantages, 1. Outdoor survival of products is limited; now use 3-5 years; 2. Antioxidant and anti-photolytic poor,fence price calculator even with anti-oxygen agent and UV reference agent, the effect is not ideal, but also affect Product strength and color fastness; 3. Pure color appearance of the product, no wood texture, the appearance of less effective. Plastic composite material category of PVC:
Advantages, 1.PVC wood-plastic products can use the new material, you can also use the old material to do (and PE with the new material to do the cost is too high, the product has no way into the market), can wood veneer floors be refinished modified Easier to supplement the amount of quality; 2 PVC can be made into low-foam wood-plastic products, so the lower the cost, that the appropriate co-extrusion form can be used Squeeze), strength and wood grain are good; 3.PVC secondary processing can be a variety of decorative surface paint or paint
covered UV paint, good-looking and good color fastness; 4. PVC wood products waterproof and corrosion resistance is equally good. Disadvantages, PVC wood plastic texture is light, compared to the PE wood-plastic it's poor bearing, fading more serious. PE wood and PVC wood and plastic differences: how much should i charge to build a deck First of all different raw materials, PE wood plastic materials are mainly two or three PE recycled materials plus wood flour, calcium and a small amount of modifier. Manufacture of PVC wood-plastic materials are mainly