Fixed restricted that was causing client inactive states (black screens) if users go from a debate cutscene (such as the release dialogue to Firemaker's Curse) to a player choice in addition to back to the cutscene.

We are improved the responsiveness with the swipe / drag or hold interactions in the application.

You should find swiping because responsive as before and see an improvement in the game detecting if you wish to drag an element around the user interface (moving items and capabilities is a primary example of this)

Finally opening the mini-menu (press and hold also known as right click) is a lot more responsive and will open quicker than before.
Updated some placeholder art in the graphics configurations on mobile.
Fixed the bug that was causing a good unwanted "press to continue" prompt when returning to the overall game after using the store upon mobile.
Players utilising Heritage combat Mode on cellular will no longer experience the shortening from the inventory.
We have made additional improvements to tooltips that people have re-enabled in the game (not all are enabled yet). These types of changes include;

Improving the actual draw appearance of the package.
Fixed some issues with tooltips for combat abilities not really displaying correctly.

Some additional optimizations to the tooltips.

Set an issue that mean the plea globe border that is glowing when a quick prayer choice is made was not being deactivated if the prayers were switched off individually (rather than toggling quick prayer to turn off them).
Users are now able to slide the bank interface using an vacant space within their bank.
We now have updated the art for your four globes - Wellness, Adrenaline, Prayer and Summoning.
The Adrenaline globe art work is slightly different as it is split up into two parts, this is to point that at 50% you might start using thresholds.
We are which the prayer globe is not really quite the same colour because on PC.
Fixed a problem that was causing safe places to not be accounted with regard to on notched devices once the user is interacting with a good interface that has been made complete screen (bank / forces interface / rewards stores etc .. )

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