You unlock the normal skills since you level up, however, you can improve them in numerous ways.

One should be to add a Secret stone that raises the skill, read more about that later.

The other option is always to Aura Kingdom Gold make it your ultimate skill, that could deal more damage and cause extra effects that you just also unlock while levelling and improve under certain conditions, like by dropping and making use of an item in a very dungeon.

Secret Stones Enhance your skills additionally. You can only put one in a piece of equip of rarity blue or more.

You can obtain a few basic Secret Stones from your merchant, but many of them will drop at rare occasion from monsters. At a Secret Stone Merchant you are able to inlay them into equip, extract them again or upgrade them by sacrificing other Secret stones. Upgrades on Secret stones raises their benefit.

You need Fortification Scrolls and Fragments due to this process. You get fragments from salvaging gear above level 10. A failed fortification will consume both Scroll and Fragments but complement a “Potential” bar. If that bar fills up you might automatically gain one fortification level. Up to +9 (12,8% bonus) you'll be able to use regular fortification scrolls. Past that you will be needing Advanced Fortification Scrolls. Chances to fortify grow slim fast.

Each from the maps is concepted for 10 levels, features a town to Buy Aura Kingdom Gold restack on potions (and that is rarely needed) Besides the main quest you’ll discover the one or another side quest and lots of achievement quests, in places you find things that are marked with “!” after which deliver those to an NPC who might prefer it.